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A Wellness SPA


How this works:

Really easy. No Membership.

Goal of our Spa is to ensure you stay current with your treatments for the best possible result for you health.

If you should return within 4 - 6 weeks on a regular basis, your price will remain at the reduced cost shown below with the Wellness plan in order to motivate you to stay within the range that is best for your recovery and ongoing health. If you are unable to meet that goal, you just pay the already reasonable price of the Regular Plan. We are attempting to get clients off the CRISIS wheel and maintain a healthy and enjoyable session. This is for individual clients only. 

​Wellness Plan

 Plan Rates vs Regular

 Massage                                                                                              Plan  VS    Regular

 60 min                                                                                                   $60    |        $75

 90 min                                                                                                   $90    |       $110

Facial                                                                                                     Plan  VS    Regular

Full Customized with Massage                                                            $60    |         $80

Full Customized with Massage plus advanced Treatments              $90   |       $120 

Wellness Plan