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Season Special

Pumpkin Facials

            With Facial Massage  $60

Pumpkin Enzyme is Suitable For

Oily Skin
Combination Skin
Dry Skin
Normal Skin

What The Pumpkin Enzyme Does

Exfoliates Skin with AHAs
Reduces oily skin appearance
Reduces congested skin to help clear pores
Improves dullness 
Improves Skin Clarity and Tone

A 10 minute exfoliating mask inspired by nature to reveal your best skin. Formulated with natural pumpkin enzymes, AHA’s and glycolic acid to improve skin clarity and exfoliate.  It's a customer favorite for good reason!

 Even if you don't have acne, this mask will be great for softening and brightening skin!

The pumpkin enzyme treats skin without harsh scrubbing. Made with a blend of raw pumpkin, and glycolic acid, to deliver beneficial renewing and radiance boosting ingredients directly to skin. 

When applied to your skin, this pumpkin extract will not disappoint so expect to feel a tingle! This is normal and that’s just the enzymes doing it’s job to remove surface dead skin cells. Once finished with Facial, skin should look soft and refreshed without irritation.

Parabens,  Sulfates, Silicones, Dyes, Fragrance or Animal derived ingredients 

Key Ingredients In The Pumpkin Enzyme Treatment

Vitamin C & Beta-Carotene - Antioxidant Fights To Defend against pollutants, Reduce appearance of fine lines
Improve firmness

Alpha Hydroxy Acids - The Natural Exfoliator Fights To Slough off dead skin cells, Brighten skin & Show off Healthy Glowing Skin Underneath

Even if you spent the summer religiously applying sunscreen and wearing hats, you probably still have some sun damage because of how hard it is to fully protect your skin from the sun. That's when pumpkin comes in handy.Type your paragraph here.

              (Value $120)

Includes a 20 minute Facial Massage


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